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Wow! They let me pick from a bunch of different swatches to customize the order, and the construction/quality is the best I’ve seen anywhere. Truly great. They’re made from the same materials as high-end dress shirts so they feel wonderful on your face. They also have a little bendable metal strip sewn into the nose to help with fit.

The straps are essentially thin, adjustable bra-type straps. Soft on your ears.

Well done guys! Thanks for the service and a fantastic final product. I ordered 6!”

Justin T.

Chief Design Officer, Policygenius

Vestium Face Masks

COVID-19 may have changed the way we look at personal protective equipment, but showing you care about your neighbor no longer has to be dull and boring.
Introducing Vestium’s line of bespoke premium face masks.


With global shortages of both surgical masks and N95 masks governments around the world have asked their citizens to leave those masks for front line medical workers. Fabric masks with accommodations for add-on filters and safety accesstories are now the go-to option for many.


Like any new product, there is a spectrum of masks from all levels of quality of materials and craftsmanship. It was seeing so many masks on the lower end of the spectrum that made the Vestium Team step in and design the most stylish and safest everyday fabric mask. Seeing someone selling a mask made from polyester with unfinished edges and cheap elastic ear loops was a final trigger to spring into action.


After creating half a dozen prototypes and iterating the design we are proud to introduce The Vestium Mask: stylish on the outside, safe on the inside, and for those with glasses, our custom nose ventilation system means no more foggy glasses!

Soft 100% Cotton Reusable Covering Masks


Vibrant Solid Colors




2-Pack Assorted Colors


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3-Pack Assorted Colors


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5-Pack Assorted Colors


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Reasons to love our masks



In accordance with recommendations from the CDC, NHS, and several other academic and authoritative sources our mask has been designed using a mix of 100% cotton weaves.



In addition to these 4 layers, our mask offers a two-layer muslin pocket in front of your mouth for your own filters.



We got tired of our glasses getting foggy when we go outside in a mask – so we designed a special “Nose-Notch” that prevents glasses and sunglasses from getting foggy. You are welcome!Save today on multi packs of two, three, or five masks.



A malleable wire support can be press-molded to match the bridge of the nose to ensure the mask sits comfortably.



To prevent the mask from being too tight or too loose there are adjustable elastic ear loops. Adjust their length until the mask is snug against the face but not pulling on your ears. Our masks can fit most face shapes and are designed for both men & women!



Express yourself! These masks can be easily folded and used as pocket squares. Choose from the variety of colors and designs.


Stay safe…

While maintaining your sense of style with one of a kind, bespoke quality face masks.



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See what people are saying

  • Very pleased with my entire experience so far.The expertise is impeccable. Ksenia is beyond knowledgeable and very helpful in making my vision a reality. The fabrics are beautiful. I definitely would ... Read More
  • I had a great experience with Ksenia, both with the designing and fitting of my custom suits. Ksenia is very friendly, knowledgeable, and strikes a perfect balance of providing advice and letting you ... Read More
  • Vestium is absolutely amazing! I love the fabrics that they use. The designs are so unique and high quality. I have recommended them to all of my friends and family members.
  • Was able to get a great wedding suit with remote fitting. Would certainly recommend.
  • I love my face mask. I has adjustable straps and fits perfectly. Beautiful color too.