Best Ways to Clean your Windows

Posted August 17th, 2010 in Learn by BLINDFinder

Here at BlindFinder we tend to focus on the actual window treatments in an attempt to beautify your home, but this effort will only go so far without clean windows.  Hop over to our neighbors at Apartment Therapy and take a look at their tips on how to keep your windows looking spic-n-span.  Among our favorite pointers is the cheap method for making your own window cleaning solution.  Take a look….

Routeless Blinds Price Survey – January 2010

Posted January 22nd, 2010 in Purchase by BLINDFinder

As we’ve discussed in our guide to ordering blinds online, price is just one component to focus on when selecting a window treatments vendor. However, price is often a critical factor… after all, you’re most likely purchasing online in order to save money. To this end, we have scoured the web for the best prices available. Below is a chart depicting the results of this survey. In this edition of the price survey, we focus on routeless blinds (also known as no-holes and deLight blinds, click the previous link for more information on this type of window treatment). Survey date was 1/21/10.

*House brand prices taken as least expensive cellular blackout option.
Window Treatment Prices Quoted for 36″ x 60″
Vendor Graber Lake Forest No-Holes Hunter Douglas Country Wood deLight House Brand* Real Wood Routeless House Brand* Faux Wood Routeless $92 $161 $94 $68 $85.14 $189 $94.05 $61.38 N/A N/A $88.80 $58.80 N/A N/A $70.22 $44.52

As a sidebar, all prices listed include current promotions (except those requiring a coupon code at checkout). For more information on individual vendors and their price matching programs check out our review of online window treatment vendors.