Best Way to Measure Windows for Blinds

Outside Mount
Measuring Outside Mount
For windows with decorative molding, window cranks or large locks, outside mount is sometimes required. For this mounting option, it is important that you have a minimum 2″ flat mounting surface above your window casing to install the brackets (2″ is a general rule of thumb that may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer). Measurements should be taken approximately 1 1/2″ beyond the sides of each window in the horizontal dimension to ensure privacy. These measurements should be taken in the positions depicted in the image to the right. Be sure to record your measurements to the nearest 1/8″. It may be tempting to assume two similar windows are the same size, but it is important to measure every window individually. You should also read through the inside mount measuring instructions to ensure that they don’t apply to your situation. Once you’ve measured your windows, you’re ready to find out where to purchase your blinds.

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