Routeless, No-Holes, DeLight Blinds… What are these anyway?

Routeless window blinds can be a great option, but there are two major reasons why you should think twice about purchasing this type of blind. The first, and perhaps less significant is that these blinds are slightly more expensive. They usually cost an additional 15% – 20% over what you’ll pay for blinds manufactured with the standard process. If you’re only getting a few blinds this may not be a problem, but it adds up quickly when outfitting a large home with window treatments. The other, more significant pitfall is that these blinds are more fragile than their hole riddled counterparts. Instead of fastening each slat to the blind with holes, the slats are held in place with a series of small notches. If you live in a home with small children or pets, I’m sure you see where this is headed. Each of these slats can be knocked out of the blind with little force. So if you have cats that like to climb on your window sills or children that enjoy playing Spiderman, it may be best to steer clear of these blinds for the time being. If you like the idea of routeless blinds, but can’t tolerate the fragility of the manufacturing process there are other window treatments that may satisfy your needs such as shutters or shades. To get the best prices on routeless blinds, check out our price survey of routeless blinds. For more options, feel free to take a look at our purchasing section to explore various window treatment options from online vendors.

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