Routeless, No-Holes, DeLight Blinds… What are these anyway?

It is a common problem. Many people, especially in an office environment have experienced it. You’re sitting at your desk, then at the same time each day, the sun peaks through the line of holes spanning the length of the blind on the window. The temporary blindness may only last 10 or 15 minutes, but it is aggravating as you dart your head side to side attempting to avoid the beam of light. Routeless (also known as deLight, No-Holes, etc.) blinds are the key to avoiding this problem and a host of others such as glare on the television. The standard blinds manufacturing process involves punching holes in each slat to run the ladders (strings) through that hold the blind together and enable you to tilt. Routeless window treatments are manufactured in a slightly different manner, which doesn’t require holes to be punched in the slats. The result is a blind that blocks more light and reduces glare. Of course, there are some drawbacks associated with this type of window blind, please read on to determine if routeless blinds are right for your windows.

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