Ordering Blinds Online vs. Locally

First, finding a local company that will sell you blinds should not be an issue. A quick glance at the Yellow Pages will surely yield a large list. The trick of course, is locating a reputable local company. The best route to pursue is through the old fashion referral method. Speak with friends and neighbors about their expereiences, usually people are very opinionated regarding their expereiences. What’s wrong? Loner that you are, you don’t have friends or neighbors? Other great resources are Internet search services such as local.google.com. A search here for blinds followed by your location (zip code or city) will reveal many local companies and if you’re lucky, there will be reviews for some of these listings. If this search bears no fruit, another great option is Angie’s List. This is a pay service, but it can be a great investment given the often sizeable cost of outfitting an entire home with window treatments. The final technique is the good old fashioned Better Business Bureau. None of this sound appealing? Looking to save money? Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Let’s explore purchasing blinds online.

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