Ordering Blinds Online vs. Locally

Determining where to purchase your blinds can be more difficult than deciding what type of blinds you want. The primary concern is typically obtaining quality products. Saving money is wonderful, but how well does that $10 / blind you saved serve you if your window treatments fall apart in a week? So is it better to purchase locally or online? The answer of course, depends on your particular circumstances. There are compelling reasons to purchase online as well as from local vendors. These two subsets of retailers cater to varying consumer preferences. The goal of this article is to assist you in making the best decision for your particular circumstances. If you already know you’d like to purchase online, then you can jump over to our purchasing section to compare online window treatment vendors. Otherwise, we’ll begin by discussing purchasing blinds from a local vendor (unless you’d like to skip ahead to the pros / cons chart of buying blinds online vs. locally).

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