Blackout Shades, are they for you?

Blackout shades are the de facto window treatment for blocking light. A typical window shade filters incoming light, effectively dampening it, but light still penetrates the window treatment. The resulting hue can produce a very nice look, unless it’s in your bedroom… especially if you have an east-facing window (and you like to sleep in). Blackout shades are manufactured with special materials that block all incoming light, enabling beauty rest for all. These shades are the absolute best product when it comes to blocking light (and energy efficiency), you will however, pay a premium for this perk. Ready to buy? Take a look at our guide to ordering blinds online or our survey of the lowest prices on blackout shades online.

Want to block the majority of incoming light, but don’t like the look of shades? Take a look at our article on routeless blinds (also known as delight and no-holes blinds), these blinds provide the commonly desired wood blinds look, but block much more light.