Purchasing window treatments can be a confusing task. There are various types of window treatments available including: blinds, shades and shutters. To complicate matters further, each available treatment has countless options that can be selected: routeless, cord or wand tilt, blackout, real wood or faux wood, inside or outside mount, etc. At BlindFinder.com, we attempt to sort through this mess and simplify matters for busy, everyday people. Your journey to improve the beauty, efficiency and value of your home begins here. Please browse the informational blinds-related articles to better educate yourself; once you have a handle on what type of window treatment you’re interested in, move on to our measuring for blinds page. Finally, determine where to purchase your blinds from on our purchsasing page. If you’ve browsed the articles, and still haven’t found the answers you’re looking for, feel free to email us with your questions.