Discount Solar Shades Price Survey

Posted June 14th, 2008 in Purchase by BLINDFinder

As we’ve discussed in our guide to ordering blinds online, price is just one component to focus on when selecting a window treatments vendor. However, price is often a critical factor… after all, you’re most likely purchasing online in order to save money. To this end, we have scoured the web for the best prices available. Below is a chart depicting the results of this survey. We plan to do these surveys on a regular basis varying the focus each time. Today the focus is on the increasingly popular window treatment, the solar shade.

*House brand taken as least expensive vendor brand option
Solar Shade Prices Quoted for 36″ x 60″
Vendor Bali Solar Shade Phifer Sheerweave Hunter Douglas Designer Screen House Brand* $108 $60 N/A N/A $128 N/A $164 $89 N/A N/A N/A $61

As a sidebar, all prices listed exclude current promotions, as we felt this skewed the results. Also, the survey doesn’t factor in price matching programs, which can get you a lower price, but can be difficult to get the vendor to act on. For more information on individual vendors and their price matching programs check out our review of online window treatment vendors.

Make the Most of Online Window Treatment Guarantee Programs

Posted May 11th, 2008 in Purchase by BLINDFinder

It can be difficult to pull the trigger on your online custom window treatments order. Will the color look right? Will the blind fit? Will they look cheap? A few vendors today are attempting to ease this common gun-shy attitude by offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. In order to be eligible for these seemingly generous policies, you must read the fine print though. In a quick survey we found that the two recommended vendors: and both offer this type of guarantee. We read through the fine print to give you a better idea of what is involved in getting the vendor to make good on their satisfaction-guaranteed promise.

  • Color swatch: You must order a color swatch in advance so that you’re aware of the look and feel of the materials used in the construction of your window treatment.
  • Recommended size limits: Manufacturers set recommended size limits for proper operation of window treatments, and in order to qualify for the guarantee programs, you must abide by these constraints.
  • Within guarantee period: In order to return products under the guarantee you must comply with the 30-day (from reception) time limit, the window treatments must be returned in original condition and you must receive prior authorization from the vendor.
  • Residential: These programs only apply to residential orders, not those purchased for commercial purposes.

Still there are other issues to consider before relying on these programs. First, you must pay the shipping fees to return the window treatments to the vendor. Also, certain products may not eligible, for instance the Shagri-La shades are not returnable under this guarantee program. Of course, if considering purchasing from a particular vendor due to the availability of this guarantee we recommend you take a closer look at the fine print to make sure there are no other caveats that may be a show-stopper for you. For further information on ordering blinds online, click the link to visit our purchasing center.