Routeless Blinds Price Survey – January 2010

Posted January 22nd, 2010 in Purchase by BLINDFinder

As we’ve discussed in our guide to ordering blinds online, price is just one component to focus on when selecting a window treatments vendor. However, price is often a critical factor… after all, you’re most likely purchasing online in order to save money. To this end, we have scoured the web for the best prices available. Below is a chart depicting the results of this survey. In this edition of the price survey, we focus on routeless blinds (also known as no-holes and deLight blinds, click the previous link for more information on this type of window treatment). Survey date was 1/21/10.

*House brand prices taken as least expensive cellular blackout option.
Window Treatment Prices Quoted for 36″ x 60″
Vendor Graber Lake Forest No-Holes Hunter Douglas Country Wood deLight House Brand* Real Wood Routeless House Brand* Faux Wood Routeless
Blinds.com $92 $161 $94 $68
BlindsGalore.com $85.14 $189 $94.05 $61.38
JustBlinds.com N/A N/A $88.80 $58.80
SelectBlinds.com N/A N/A $70.22 $44.52

As a sidebar, all prices listed include current promotions (except those requiring a coupon code at checkout). For more information on individual vendors and their price matching programs check out our review of online window treatment vendors.

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