Discount Faux Wood Blind Price Survey

Posted August 29th, 2009 in Learn by BLINDFinder

As we’ve discussed in our guide to ordering blinds online, price is just one component to focus on when selecting a window treatments vendor. However, price is often a critical factor… after all, you’re most likely purchasing online in order to save money. To this end, we have scoured the web for the best prices available. Below is a chart depicting the results of this survey. We plan to do these surveys on a regular basis varying the focus each time. Today the focus is on inexpensive faux wood blinds. For those of you unsure on the real vs. faux wood decision, please check out our article on the topic.

*House product selected as least expensive faux wood house brand blind
Window Treatment Prices Quoted for 36″ x 60″ As of 8/29/2009
Vendor Hunter Douglas 2″ Woodmates – Whites Graber 2″ Lake Forest Bali 2″ WoodPlus House Brand*
Blinds.com $98 $75 $80 $42
BlindsGalore.com $97 $64 $69 $50
JustBlinds.com N/A N/A N/A $39
SelectBlinds.com N/A N/A N/A $38

As a sidebar, all prices listed exclude current coupon code promotions, as we felt this skewed the results. Also, the survey doesn’t factor in price matching programs, which can get you a lower price, but can be difficult to get the vendor to act on. For more information on individual vendors and their price matching programs check out our review of online window treatment vendors.

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