Installation Tips: Install Blinds on Metal Windows

Posted July 12th, 2008 in Install by BLINDFinder

Installing window treatments can be frustrating and time consuming. We consulted our resident installation expert for tips on installing window treatments on metal framed windows (as opposed to wood or drywall). Here is what he had to say….

Windows are framed out with a variety of materials including: wood, drywall, concrete and metal (usually aluminum). When you order blinds or shades they typically come with screws to mount the window treatment brackets. With metal framed windows though, these accompanying screws usually will not work or are very difficult to use. The easiest way to fasten a bracket to an aluminum window frame is with self-tapping screws. You can either pre-drill with the self-tapper and then use the screw that came with the blind to fasten the bracket down, or just use the self-tapping screw itself (I usually pre-drill due to the higher cost of self-tapping screws and reuse the screw to drill multiple holes). The special tip on the self-tapper allows it to easily pierce the metal frame. It is amazing how much faster the job goes when you have the right tools!

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