Installation Tips: Don’t Split the Wood

Posted June 28th, 2008 in Install by BLINDFinder

Installing window treatments can be frustrating and time consuming. We consulted our resident installation expert for tips on keeping the woodwork around the window from cracking or splitting when installing blinds or shades. Here is what he had to say….

It is common for the wood to split when using a drill to fasten a bracket to a window frame. The aftermath of this type of cracking can be unsightly. There is however, a simple technique to avoid this common problem. Before fastening the bracket in the woodwork with a drill and screw, hold the bracket up to the window where it will be mounted and pre-drill the holes with a drill bit smaller (in diameter) than the screw you’re using to fasten the bracket to the window frame. Now go back and fasten the bracket into the window frame using these pilot holes. Voila… the bracket goes up without splitting the wood trim!

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