Fight Static Cling on Your Window Blinds

Posted May 26th, 2008 in Learn by BLINDFinder

Creative Commons License photo credit: bowena

Vinyl window treatments can be a very inexpensive way to cover your windows. A popular example of this type of window treatment is the vertical blind. Unfortunately, one major problem with vinyl blinds is their tendency to build up static charge and cling together. Everyone that owns these type of blinds has surely experienced this phenomena, adjacent slats stick together and ruin the look. No need to fear though, there is an easy solution to combat this common problem… dryer sheets. Rubbing this everyday household item on the slats that are sticking will completely remove the charge and allow the slats to hang freely. You many need to occasionally re-treat the slats as charge builds back up, but it is a quick, cheap and easy way to deal with this problem. For more valuable tips on window treatments head over to our learning center.

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