Inexpensive Blackout Shade Alternatives

Posted April 7th, 2008 in Learn by BLINDFinder

Recently we’ve discussed the benefits of blackout shades and provided you with a price survey to show you where to get the best deals online. But what if you need the benefits of blackout shades, and can’t afford the steep price? There are a couple inexpensive options available, that will give you a better look than the college-dorm-style, blanket over the window or aluminum foil taped up, but not break the bank. In our original blackout shades post we mentioned the ubiquitous roller shade as an inexpensive option. Most roller shades are composed of a heavy vinyl material that is great for blocking light. Today, all but the cheapest roller shades are manufactured to operate much easier than the traditional roller shade that was always very difficult to get to cooperate with you.

A second option, that will provide a similar look to the much more expensive cellular blackout shade, is Redi Shade. These shades are not as versatile as traditional shades, they cannot be raised and lowered other than by using clips (which don’t look that great). However, in a room such as a home theatre where you may not have the requirement of raising and lowering the shade often this can be a great option. Currently, a six pack of blackout Redi Shades are available on Amazon for less than $40. The shades are only available in a couple fixed widths, but you can cut them to size easily with a pair of scissors. So for those of you looking for the benefit of blackout shades, but lacking the budget, these shades can be a dream come true. Head over the Amazon to check them out. If traditional blackout shades are more your style, take a peak at our recent price survey to find the best deals.

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