Decorating Ideas / Inspiration for Window Treatments

Posted March 9th, 2008 in Learn by BLINDFinder

Selecting window treatments that look great on your windows can be difficult. For inspiration, it is a great idea to thumb through design magazines or websites such as apartmenttherapy.com that show beautifully styled rooms. Style often isn’t the only consideration though. Other details, such as energy efficiency and durability are more difficult to quantify. You can, of course, get this type of information at BLINDFinder.com and sometimes through the manufacturer’s website. Hunter Douglas has a “client interview” tool on their website that prompts you with a series of simple questions and then produces a list of window treatments best suited for your particular situation.

Once you’ve decided what types of blinds, shades or drapes you’d like to put on your windows, you need to select the color. This is often the most difficult decision, but there are a few great tools online to assist you. While none of these websites enable you to see what a particular window treatment and color will actually look like on your windows, there are websites that allow you to look at various rooms and adjust the color of the walls, furniture, etc. to closely match your room. Once the room resembles your own, you can play with various window treatment / color combinations to find the most desirable look. Graber provides a tool that enables you to look at different blinds and shades in various rooms.

For those of you interested in draperies, the Virtual Room Designer, available via Factory Direct Drapes can yield excellent results. After examining all of these websites, if you’re confused about which brand you should purchase, take a look at our article on the best brands of custom window treatments. Of course, once you’re ready to purchase you blinds, shades or other window treatments, head over to our ordering window treatments page for information on where to find the best deals. Good luck designing.

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